July 9, 2016

Want Abs? You Gotta Eat.

A little food for thought this weekend.  Carry on!

Image credit: Eat to Perform

“Calories by themselves aren’t all that useful.  I mean sure, you need them to function but what I mean is they aren’t necessarily going to add up to “less calories equals magazine cover ab shot”.  In fact almost the exact opposite is what allows for muscle to be built.  Unless you are new to resistance training (either weight lifting or body weight movements) it’s going to take a real smart approach to maintain and build muscle.  It’s really this constant focus on fat that is keeping people stalled.”

“An Argument for Sanity

If there is one thing that I’m learning with Eat To Perform is that there are two camps that really stand out.  “The Clean Eaters” and the folks that enjoy most of the foods above, sometimes responsibly and sometimes not.  The simple fact of the matter is this, both could benefit from knowing the approach of the other and why it does or does not work.  It’s this polarizing point of view on food that leaves people feeling judged and frankly doesn’t lead to whole lot of enlightenment.

If you are a health professional (trainer, dietitian or even a doctor) if you aren’t teaching your folks some level of flexibility, are you really helping them? Let me put that differently: if you tell someone their life will be better if they do the Tour De France every 4 months, that’s not all that sustainable is it?  The reason I am using the Tour De France as an example is because it represents the type of extreme you are prescribing and it’s leaving everyone obese.

Do you honestly think these folks have never dieted or tried reducing their intake of processed foods? Admit it, you haven’t spent a whole lot of time doing the research and what you are offering as the solution is ACTUALLY the problem for a lot of people.  Painting your clients in a corner like that isn’t helping and if you are fit you know that you don’t eat like that and if you do eat like that you’re missing out on a lot of genetic potential.

I am not arguing for processed foods or even alcohol.  I am arguing for sanity and understanding. and if the first thing we are starting with is an approach that doesn’t foster building and maintaining muscle then we are really missing the boat.  Muscle is the main driver for metabolism and expanding your metabolic rate.  Teaching people a way that makes their body more inflexible shouldn’t be the goal.  This is why demonizing foods misses the real point and the real point is that you shouldn’t be dieting all of the damn time.  That way when you do it will be more effective especially when you do it with a more enlightened approach.”

-Eat to Perform


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