July 10, 2014


1. Wednesdays 5:30 PM Spin/Krank classes are CANCELLED until further notice.

2. Starting tonight, Brian Flannery is teaching Thursday 530PM Advanced classes and Madeline B is teaching 5:30 PM Basic / Intermediate every week!

3. Saturday 7/12 classes: 7am Basic/Intermediate & 8am Advanced both held in 7A with Chris instructing.

4. Weekend instructors:
FNL – John
Sunday 8 AM – John
Sunday 1 PM – Gretchen

***Saturday’s FREE INTRO CLASS RESCHEDULED FOR SUNDAY AT 945AM (one time only)***

Please don't drop the weights that say "Don't Drop!" This is what happens when you DO drop them...

Please don’t drop the weights that say “Don’t Drop!” This is what happens when you DO drop them…

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Stay up to date on upcoming CF events: keep an eye on the calendar by the water fountains!

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