December 3, 2015

Updates 12.03.15

Upcoming this week and for the month of December:
Weekend instructors:
Friday 5:30 PM – Gretchen (see separate update below for additional PM offerings Friday 12/4)
Sunday 8:30 AM – Owen, our new CrossFit instructor!
Weight Loss Challenge Weigh-Outs
Weigh out on Friday or Saturday with final weight and % body fat.  Log on the sheets at the front desk.  Winners will be announced Sunday 12/6.  A big THANK YOU goes out to Melissa for putting this together and keeping everyone motivated during this challenge!!  She is honestly the poster child for how these challenges can be life changing, and is paying it forward by helping fellow CFers :).  Hopefully challenge participants have taken something away regarding the relationship between fitness and nutrition, and learned some healthy habits than can be applied to your everyday lives moving forward.  Just because it’s over doesn’t mean to pick back up the proverbial carton of ice cream and go crazy!  Stick with it, even if you don’t want to lose weight, and make sure to step back occasionally and assess your habits for everyday improvements!
Friday December 4th.  
Regular 5:30PM CF class is STILL on schedule.  BUT then….
6:00 CF/Bldg7 Yoga Friday night “Mixer” is on.  This is open for ANYBODY….members of CF, members of Bldg 7 Yoga, and people who aren’t members at either
joint, but want to check it out.
– From 6-6:45 All Attendees will start on CF side with a class led by Chris.  Then from 6:45 to 7:30, they will transition to Yoga side for class w/ Linda
Cost details:
– If you are a member of BOTH places, there is no additional fee.
– If you are a member of one or the other, but not both, the extra cost is $12.
– If you are a member of neither and are coming to check both places out, drop in fee is $12.
FREE Intro classes for December are:  12/12 and 12/26 at 9:45AM
Sunday 12/13 – 12 Days of Christmas workout!
Holiday Schedule Changes
– Thursday Dec. 24th
– ONE class only at 9:00AM
– Friday Dec. 25th – CLOSED
Then begins HERO WEEK, WINTER 2015
– Sat. Dec. 26th – Beginning of Hero Week.  ONE class only at 8:30AM
– Sunday Through Thursday of Hero Week is normal class schedule.
– Friday, 1/1/16 is Finale of Hero Week and ONE class only at 9:00AM
***Hero Week takes on a different Focus this year… stay tuned for the announcement!
As always, stay tuned to the calendar in the CF lobby and to the website for ongoing updates!