September 3, 2015

Updates 09.03.15

Trying a new spot and format at the Arrow class today!

1. Most of you have probably seen the flyers hanging in and around Bldg 7 or on the CF FB page regarding the grand Opening of Bldg 7, specifically introducing the yoga studio that will be part of next door.  The Open House will be held on Sat. Oct. 3rd.  We have to clarify the times though, as it is not listed on the Flyer (but we think it might be from 8AM to 2PM).  While this focus is largely for the new fitness happenings on the former Bravo side, we would like to have good representation for Corps Fitness on that day so that current Yoga members and prospective new members can see what we offer as well.

2. This Saturday 9/5 will be John P’s final spin / krank class – please join us in wishing John well!  He has been an awesome, motivated instructor and will be missed on Saturday mornings.  Spread the word and bring your friends out to his final class!

3. Want to know where everyone is getting these great class photos from?  Check out Corps Fitness’ new Flickr page and see if you can find yourself.  Extra points for demonstrating perfect form in a photo!  Mnay thanks to our front desk staff: Erin, Sandy, Jay, and Ike for the awesome photos!

4. Do you have any races coming up this fall / winter?  Remember to wear your Corps Fitness gear to represent!  We train every day to attack any challenge headed our way!  Speaking of challenges, Gretchen has a Corps Fitness team signed up for the Bone Frog Challenge taking place on October 24th in NJ.  If you’re interested, email Gretchen to get more information on joining!  The more the merrier – we plan to stick together as a group (CF-style) for the 9-mile 40-obstacle course designed by tried and true Navy SEALS.