August 9, 2017

Updates 08.09.17


Posting updates a day late this week so ya’ll have a chance to read our newsletter before we post here!  Hopefully you found it in your mailbox this morning, but here you go!  LOTS of good stuff coming up!

Early Morning Class Time Moving to 5:15 AM
Beginning Tuesday September 5th, ALL early morning classes will start at 5:15 AM (rather than 5:30 AM).  Why the change?  It’s based on results from our survey earlier this year.  A number of folks have been needing to step out early for work and family obligations, so we’re adjusting to help make it work for everyone!  Also, we’d like to open the possibility for additional early AM classes, and by adjusting the early class by 15 minutes, we can hopefully accommodate the additions!

New Classes Days / Times
More bang for your buck!  More class times are coming!  Also beginning the week of September 5th, we’re adding the following classes / times.  We’re looking at adding Corps Fitness classes every day of the week as well, so stay tuned.
– Wednesday 6:45 PM CrossFit
– Thursday 9:45 AM CrossFit Hybrid
– Sunday 9:45 AM CrossFit
As with all new classes, we will closely monitor the attendance, and keep the classes as long as warranted by participation.  So if you like it, be there!

We are continually looking to offer more, so stay tuned, and THANK YOU for your suggestions!!

And of course, the basic updates as well:

Free Intro
August 12th at 9:30 AM with Chris

Badge 27 Reunion
August 12th at 11 AM, Chris is hosting a Badge 27 reunion / indoctrination for all current, former, and new Operation Badge 27 participants at NO COST.  ALL Berks County first responders are welcome and encouraged to attend and participate.  Along with a workout that is scalable to all fitness levels and abilities, we will be recognizing and honoring Alecia Pagerly Eberly, Kyle’s widow, who generously supports these programs at Corps Fitness in honor of Kyle, helping us keep his spirit and legacy alive.

Badge 27 Team Challenge!
October 28th we’ll hold the second annual Badge 27 Call to Action challenge!  MORE challenges, SHORTER course.  Get your team of 4 together NOW.  Registration officially opens in early September.  Want to participate but your friends are chickening out?  Email Melissa and she’ll do her best to get you on a team!

Best In Berks
Time to vote again! We were so very honored to be chosen Best of Berks for fitness facilities in 2016 because of YOU!!! Voting is open again for 2017. Please consider choosing Corps Fitness once again as Best of Berks 2017! THANK YOU!! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/BestofBerks17


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    Jeanne August 12, 2017 Reply

    Hello all. I just wanted to take the time to send my appreciation for the open gym offer that was made available August 12th. A colleague of mine mentioned this gym to check out as I have been doing more talk and less action on becoming fit. A bit nervous to try something new, I decided to come in and see what the fuss was about. To my surprise, this is definitely a gym that I need. Their philosophy on respect, teamwork, and accountability allows one to feel as if they are not in it alone in addition to a culture of judgement free, never giving up and finally reaching a commitment. Unfortunately it has been over 15 years since I have stuck with a routine. I am looking forward to a new change and hope this will allow others to check it out. If people are like myself who are not about a “normal gym” (a gym full of “equipment” and “self routine”), then Corps fitness seems to take working out to a whole new level. Amazing what you will feel like in just one day of “checking it out.” I cannot wait to see what these next two weeks will bring.


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      g August 16, 2017 Reply

      Jeanne! It’s great to have you and we are so excited you found Corps Fitness! We do feel that our values help set us apart from more conventional gyms in the area, and we’re so happy you recognized that in Saturday’s intro class! Chris works hard to ensure all CFers (Corps Fitness members) hold true to the values, and we’re also working on some new initiatives to reinforce the values. See you in class!

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