July 25, 2017

Updates 07.25.17

Call to Action 2017
It’s BACK!!  Save the date of October 28th for the second annual Badge 27 Call to Action challenge!  MORE challenges, SHORTER course.  Get your team of 4 together NOW.  Registration officially opens in early September.  Want to participate but your friends are chickening out?  Email Melissa and she’ll do her best to get you on a team!

Summer Schedule
Has your schedule changed for the summer, but you’re still thinking CF times don’t work for you (looking at you, teachers!).  Remember: we have a huge variety of options every day of the week.  CFers are raving about the hybrid and spin classes, and 45-minute non-stop low impact full body workout aspects of our various (“non-traditional”) offerings.  Come on back and check it out!!

Hero Week Shirts
Get your shirts at the front desk.  Don’t make us track you down!!


Extra Fun
Thursday mountain bike ride is postponed!!

Free Intro
The next free intro class will be Saturday August 5th, 2017 at 9:30 AM.


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