February 11, 2016

Updates 02.11.16

The All Out In Berks Challenge is just over a week away!!  If you’re still interested, registration is available on the competition day!  This is a fun, friendly competition, and if you’re not competing you’re invited to stop in a watch any part of the competition – it’ll be taking place from roughly 9 am – 2 pm.

On 2/20, CF will NOT be holding the regularly scheduled classes.  Normal schedule on Friday 2/19 and Sunday 2/21.


Normal schedule on Monday 2/15.

Reminder: Please DO NOT leave valuables visible in your car when you are in class at Bldg 7.  This is for your own safety and security.  Make sure your doors are locked and valuables are stowed away.  Thank you!

FREE INTRO CLASS (Intro to Corps Fitness) this Saturday 2/13 at 9:45 AM

Weekend instructors: 
Friday 5:30 PM – Ed
Sunday 8:30 AM – Ed: Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Last Saturday’s intro to CrossFit class with Eddie. Welcome!



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