January 28, 2016

Updates 01.28.16

AOIB Challenge is less than one month away!!  Get registered today if you haven’t already!

Are you LOVING the new website??  We’re working through a few kinks, but soon items will be even easier to find, and everything will be linked together.  So if there’s a blog post about the AOIB challenge or Hero Week, you’ll be able to click right there and be taken to the specific event page.  How cool is that?!?

Speaking of challenges, we LOVE IT when CFers participate in all challenges, no matter where or what they are!  Marathons, CrossFit competitions, lifting, endurance.  It’s all GREAT.  We’re working on a way to recognize CFers who place in competitions while representing CF.  Wear your CF gear, place in an event, get some membership credit for being so awesome.  Details are in the works, but be sure to wear your Corps Fitness gear and get photos if you’re participating in an event in 2016!!

Weekend instructors:
Friday 5:30 PM – Gretchen
Sunday 8:30 AM – Gretchen

Reminder that there IS a FREE Intro class tomorrow at 9:45AM due to the cancelled intro class from last weekend.  Tell your friends, neighbors, family….

AND 9:30AM spin/krank on Saturday too!!!  Roads aren’t safe for riding anyways…..ride indoors and be safe!
Remember Owen’s CrossFit / Form session every Sunday at 9:30 AM!  Stay after class, or it’s fine to just come in for 9:30!



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