September 23, 2015

Upcoming Challenges

CarryTheLoad2015_1 CarryTheLoad2015_2 CarryTheLoad2015_3 CarryTheLoad2015_4

First…..October.  It’s BAAAA-AAAACKKKK!  October is Carry The Load Challenge month.   We kick off Monday, October 3rd, and this year, we will alternate weeks/class days that the load-bearing exercises are incorporated into workouts.  First week, Corps Fitness classes (MWF) will be Carry The Load challenged, second week, will be all Cross Fit classes (T/TH), etc.   Carrying heavy weights is an excellent way to torch calories and fat, but be mindful of your body and joints.

An additional component this year is our Honor Wall.  WHO are you going to carry through the month?  We often do things at CF to honor someone for their battles, their sacrifices, their courage, and this challenge will follow that lead.  Think of a person…someone who made the ultimate sacrifice, someone who’s suffering now whether it be personal hardship or illness….and put their name on the white board by the spin room.  Feel free to post a picture too if you’d like.  Share, if you’d like, why you are “Carrying the load” for them (optional…not required).  And then be reminded all month long WHO you are carrying with each heavy load.

Then there’s November…. Since we are Carrying the Load all October-long, November will be about dropping it…and then some!  After a long hiatus, a weight loss challenge will be on the docket.  Shred a few pounds as we head into the crazy holiday season!  Details will be available soon….but be ready to get your game on! There will be PRIZES for winners, group accountability, and of course, fun SMACK TALK!  Friendly competition, but also great opportunity to tweak your food intake because remember, “You can’t outwork a crappy diet!”.   Stay tuned for the specifics!