March 8, 2016

Tuesday Thoughts

A few great articles on nutrition from Breaking Muscle.  If you haven’t checked out this site, it’s always got a ton of great information and thought-provoking articles!

Good vs Evil: Food is not a competition
“If you feel like you are on a diet, you are, and you will fall off. Eat foods you enjoy so you won’t feel deprived. Make a huge list of foods that you love. Forget the healthy or not thing, and just write them down. Then consider how you can include them in your menus and still be aligned with your health objectives.”
-Mark Halpern, RD, Breaking Muscle

What people eat is none of your business
“If you have found that adhering to a particular testament in your diet has worked wonders, congratulations. But understand this does not mean your revelation will hold true for your unsuspecting victim. People ask for help, and can only be helped if they want it. Discovering what works for them with their own agency is fundamental to individual empowerment and the success that follows. So let coaches coach. And get on with your own workout.”
– Sam Macintosh, Breaking Muscle

Your diet is not normal: Here’s why
“Similarly, basic diets might work for many people who are overweight. But as you approach your goal physique, your nutrition needs to be tailored to you. Someone else’s diet might not be the best solution. As you build your individualized nutrition plan, remember that systems interact, and your digestive system is as unique as you are.”
– Craig Marker, PhD, Breaking Muscle


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