September 4, 2012

Tuesday “Did you know…” INCENTIVE Time!!

New CF Incentive is up on the Incentive page. (mixed with a DYK because we missed Monday)

Did you know that CF is very antiphrastic. Like when we answer “how was class?” with “it sucked,”┬ámeaning it was awesome! Or how we say, “let’s start here because it’ll be fun to end on burpees” and by that we mean “very not fun.” Or call older (un-named) CFers “spring chickens.” Or say “good thing the geniuses were doing a wagon wheel on the shoelace circuit.” It’s fantastic how antiphrastic it is.

The Incentive antiphrase is “feeling bad” means good. The importance of coming to a place where we can let it all go, push the heart rate, take some risks…and when we end up feeling really bad, people look and say “that was so good!”

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    kristin d. September 6, 2012 Reply

    None of the spring chickens I know would EVER do a wagon wheel on a shoe lace circuit!! Pshaww.

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