January 3, 2012

Tuesday Attitude: What will it take?

First, thank you to these individuals and their family and friends for enriching our lives, providing guidance, and making the ultimate sacrifice:
Deputy Kyle Pagerly
Officer Robert Lasso
Trooper Paul Richey
Patrolman Derek Kotecki
Officer Michael Wise
Officer Scott Wertz
Trooper Joshua Miller

Night sky 1/2/12. Ursa Minor (Little Dipper). Tail star Polaris, the Guiding Star

As the new year dawns, we must be resolute in our vision, purpose, and goals for 2012. Hey, that sounds alot like a “New Year’s Resolution”? Yes it does. Resolute…to Resolve…in other words…determination, strength of will, firmness, devotion, courage, grit, self-reliance, perseverance…nothing wrong with those characterstics…so what will you be Resolute in achieving in 2012, and how will you find the Resolve to achieve it?

Especially at the gym, we all must work to improve…prepare for the unexpected. Will it be pullups, pushups, double unders, heavier deadlifts, faster 400s? Be master of Time…reflect on 2011, did another HW arrive and you struggled with a certain exercise? To get the best workout, to make the most of our hour, we must Resolve to be good at everything. And to do that we must care and value it. We must be resolute. We must learn. And we must take action.

Good luck and best wishes on your 2012 journey!

“A heart to resolve, a head to contrive, and a hand to execute.” E. Gibbon

PS. Pics from HW Winter ’11 are on uploaded.


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