July 23, 2013

Tuesday Attitude – Murph Remembered

Reminder: Moonlight Murph tomorrow at 8:00 PM – be there or be square!

Reflections on Michael P Murphy’s Navy SEALs page:

Michael’s father, a Vietnam veteran, remarked that his son “wasn’t into medals and calling attention to himself.” That noted, he said, “If he is awarded it (the Medal of Honor), it will be a reflection of what we already know about Michael: his bravery, his focus, his determination, his spirit of never give up.”One of Murphy’s SEAL BUD/S instructors wrote, “I’ve heard from the one who survived, details about your final moments, and I just want to say that you are an inspiration, a hard core warrior through and through, exactly what every Team guy aspires to be like.”

A BUD/S classmate inspired by Michael’s toughness and determination wrote, “I remember you with your stress fractures post Hell-Week and limping around with your iron will. Those thoughts will never leave my mind and further commit myself to our country’s undying cause of freedom.”

A SEAL about to enter BUD/S training, inspired by Murphy’s actions, wrote, “I want your family and friends to know that you, all the SEALs and every other military force’s sacrifice will not go unappreciated.”

And a personal friend recalled, “We always knew he was a tough son of a bitch, but he was so nice.” At the end of his radio transmission for help, despite his severe wounds and dire situation, Murphy – ever the officer and gentleman – said, “Thank you.”


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