June 10, 2016

To have or to have not…

image credit: David Pollack/Corbis via Getty Images

Maybe breakfast really isn’t the most important meal of the day.  Maybe you don’t need breakfast at all!  If you’re not hungry when you wake up, why force your body to accept calories it’s not asking for?  Research cited in the article above (click on picture for link to article) indicates that there is really no strong correlation between BMI and breakfast habits.

In fact:
“‘If [your] breakfast is based on highly processed carbohydrates [such as sugary cereals or sweet rolls], it may be as bad [as], or worse than, skipping breakfast,”…

…Why? All of those refined carbs and sugars can lead to a spike in blood sugar and insulin. “The high insulin programs the body for fat storage, making it hard to cut back calories,” says Ludwig.”

This comes as no surprise to CFers with backgrounds in our nutrition / weight loss challenges.  Eliminate spikes in blood sugar and you’ll feel full longer, maintain energy levels, and avoid that afternoon energy bonk.

…So maybe it’s better to have no breakfast than to have a sugar-laden breakfast!  If you’re hungry first thing in the morning, hit up the protein: whole eggs or egg whites, green veggie protein shake, or maybe some nut butter on high protein bread.

Side note: It’s actually surprisingly easy to fit a few servings of veggies into your breakfast if you think about it – aside from the shakes, you can make a veggie omelette, or try a breakfast sandwich with some added veggies.  Think about it!


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