February 9, 2012

Thursday Updates: They’re at CF

Where have all the good people gone?  CF, of course.

What makes them so good? Pushing the limits of power. Craving high HR functional fitness. Going faster, heavier. Mentally and physically enduring any format. Intentionally seeking out opportunities that, knowingly, will end in some variation of exhaustion.

And? Always with a pick-me-up. Always encouraging. Always willing to step outside one’s own little world for the good of the group or another. One would be hard pressed to find a time when a CFer is down and that person doesn’t get 2-3 shout-outs. (you know…hovering over the bar, telling yourself in your head to pick it up, but somehow just staying hunched there, unmoving). “Keep going.” “Pick it up.” “You got this.” “Go get it.” “C’mon now.” “Let’s go.”  (sure, certainly off-color, mostly off-center, and sometimes offensive…but that’s another story).

But…truth be told…Building 7 isn’ t the world. “There’s alot of, well, uh…badness in the world today.”

The Personal Defense Readiness seminar offered at CF by Providence Combatives is a remarkable opportunity to learn how to protect yourself and loved ones if conflict and threat from badness come your way.
See Blauer clip from CFJ preview

Click on the icon under Special Events in the right frame to go to the registration page for this PDR seminar on March 4th.

Tomorrow, Friday, Feb 10: 530pm ML Heroes Among Us
Sunday, Feb 12: 9am CPR Cert

Thursday Night…Upper Body!

50 Ring Dips
400m run/ 250 Hard Krank Double
50 Pushups
400m run/ 250 Hard Krank Alt
50 Push press #75/#45
400m run/ 250′ Bear Crawl

Great work everyone!

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    Wicasa Yatapika February 9, 2012 Reply

    Great video MD and it touches on the most endearing quality of being a part of CF. The unconditional support from everyone in the midst of pain and suffering. It has allowed me to push beyond what I thought I could achieve. Tuesday night was a great example, by the time that 2nd round of deadlifts came around I was already beginning to feel sick in my stomach, by the third round, it was almost impossible to catch my breath and my heart was in my throat, by the fourth, I was nauseous, and my legs were shaking, in the fifth round, the nauseous ness was accompanied by dizziness, and my breathing was labored at best, my legs and arms and grip strength were in complete failure mode…but through every single round that I suffered through, when my mind was screaming at me to walk away, I heard voices, “c’mon one more rep, stand-over the bar and go, way to go JJ, you got this, etc. etc. etc.” That’s the magic, that’s the sacred, that’s the resoluteness, that’s the virtuous, that makes this place so damn special; single-mindedness in any group is a near impossibility these days, somehow, someway, a bunch of Phreaks from diverse backgrounds, life experiences, beliefs, and ways of life, can come together at some hour of the day and achieve just that…singleness of purpose! F’in amazing!! It always leaves me extremely humbled!

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    Maria N. February 9, 2012 Reply

    Totally agreed JJ…..what’s that saying….”E pluribus unum”? Seems to fit the CF mentality to a tee.

    See yous guys tomorrow night:)

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    Scott February 10, 2012 Reply

    Thursday night smack down!

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    Kyle February 10, 2012 Reply

    This workout should be named and coined a local a CF instant classic! Awesome workout! Maybe the Chris Kaag WOD. Just a thought.

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    Wicasa Yatapika February 11, 2012 Reply

    “It is said that it is far more difficult to hold and maintain leadership (liberty) than it is to attain it. Success is a ruthless competitor for it flatters and nourishes our weaknesses and lulls us into complacency. We bask in the sunshine of accomplishment and lose the spirit of humility which helps us visualize all the factors which have contributed to our success. We are apt to forget that we are only one of a team, that in unity there is strength and that we are strong only as long as each unit in our organization functions with precision.”
    — Samuel Tilden

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