December 1, 2011

Thursday Updates: Happy December!

1) Capture the Flag Individual WOD is finishing up this week ( the last individual WOD). The CTF Group Workout FINALE will be on Saturday Dec. 10, 830AM. Plan to be there with your team for the WOD Finale to determine the CTF winner (it’s very close at this point). Stay for coffee, treats and conversation while the results are tallied. If your team cannot be there for the scheduled Finale time (12/10, 830AM) please contact Chris.
2) Sunday Special, Sunday Dec. 4th 1030AM.

3) Weight Loss Incentive folks will weight-out on Dec. 9/10. This group went serious Paleo/no-sugar/low cal for 5 weeks in order to work off all those Fun Size Halloween candy bars…If you see anyone particularly lean and/or emaciated, give them an attaboy/girl!
4) HOLIDAY UPDATES WILL BE COMING AT YOU SOON! Pay attention to the blog, email newsletters, and signs at the gym, please! This includes Hero Week, sales, specials (like the yearly 12 Days Workout), incentives, schedules…just be ready to stay on top of all this information so you don’t miss out on any of the great holiday stuff.

Heard at 530am Corps Fitness…“This morning was a jovial group!” Festive atmosphere with a four corners circuit to celebrate Leah’s birthday in addition to 44 birthday bends & thrusts!

Birthday hat scissor lunges!
  • James December 1, 2011 Reply

    Speaking of lean/emaciated, a big shout out goes to Johnnie Ding Dong. Looking good bro. If you keep losing you’ll soon blow away in the wind.

  • Kate Goodman December 1, 2011 Reply

    Happy Birthday Leah!!!
    I hope the weight loss people get to weigh in after the CTF workout and before the treats!

  • Jan December 1, 2011 Reply

    Happy Birthday, Leah!

  • Melissa December 1, 2011 Reply

    Happy birthday Leah!!!!

  • BobF December 1, 2011 Reply

    Had I known it was your birthday, I would have bought you a coffee when I saw you at Wawa this am. Happy Bday!

  • Nat December 1, 2011 Reply

    awhhh! Leah. Had I known it was your birthday, would have been there to do birthday burpees with you this AM. Happy birthday girlfriend!

  • Nat December 1, 2011 Reply

    Are the dates for Hero week set yet? Last time I did 12 days, I got rhabdo. Not this year 😉 I’ve got a pull up bar to practice on.

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