September 15, 2011

Thursday Updates: CrossFit I-V IQ #2

Great CrossFit work this week. Good form, good lines. For those still learning about CrossFit, this was also a good week on the Main Site to learn about the concept and programming.
Fri: 20 Deadlift, Sat: Tabata, Mon: 60 Thruster/60 Pullups, Tues: 5 OH, Front, Back Squat, Wed: 5 Rope Climb/15 Clean&Jerk (see Main Site for full WODs).  Use the instructional cues from the Coaches, practice-practice-practice, and also watch videos online.
For discussion…Sample WOD:
2 rds: 50 Wall Ball, 50 Thrusters
Why wouldn’t we see this programmed? Post to comments.

Then, onto Updates:
1) SUNDAY SPECIAL, Sept 18, 10:15AM. Preparing for the Fall Contest? Come in for WOD or practice time!
2) October 2, Sunday, Pags Bike Ride.
3) October 7-9. CrossFit Berks Fall Contest. 3 nights of WODS. Sign up on the whiteboard.
4) October 16, Sunday, Pags 5K. (you’ll recall this is the race that Pags was putting together before he was killed. Black shirts are going to show up in force. Please pre-register even though there will be race-day registration.)

  • wicasa yatipika September 15, 2011 Reply

    Because they are the same movements, squat and “thrust” the ball or bar over your head, but let go of the ball, not the bar…Hah!

  • Matt September 15, 2011 Reply

    Hmmm…”Wall Bars” interesting. True to that….maybe a “constantly varied” violation.

  • Scott September 15, 2011 Reply

    Because that would put people in traction?

    • Matt September 15, 2011 Reply

      Good point and indeed there is a violation of Intensity…however, since the reps are so high, INTENSITY for most non-elite athletes would be very LOW (lots of stepping out, walking around, standing about…like a globo-gym). I’d fear a sweet 21-15-9 anyday!

      What else?

  • Bob F September 15, 2011 Reply

    I would say too few rounds and too few exercises in those rounds. Is it for strength or intensity? That one seems to be neither.

  • Steve G September 15, 2011 Reply

    Wall balls and Thrusters require the same skill set so there is not a challenge in mixing skills. I also would suggest that I do not see much agility/athleticism required from these two exercises being paired together.

  • Jan September 15, 2011 Reply

    Some guy around here talks in his sleep & he keeps repeating this phrase, “Constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity.”

    I see all the things that have been said (similarity of exercises=lack of constant variation, high reps of big muscle groups=low intensity). I would dovetail onto what Scott said about traction: if this were a WOD, you would be so sore from overworking one type of functional movement that you prob wouldn’t be back in the gym for 2 days. And if you do come back and find yourself doing squats again, you put yourself at risk for injury b/c that overworked muscle group will force you to compensate somewhere else, and you’ll start to create imbalances.

    Within the context of that 1 WOD, you’d also be at serious risk for injury b/c it mimics the law of diminishing returns. Form will drop off sharply to complete the reps at a certain perceived intensity. Most folks coming into CF cannot marry form & intensity at this punishing # of reps. Doing 10 reps wrong is bad enough, let alone 200.

  • Bob F September 15, 2011 Reply

    Jan has access to the answer sheet. No fair.

    • Jan September 15, 2011 Reply

      There’s no leg-up here, Bob. If anything, the muttering (dedicated) man you call The Answer Sheet expects me to know these things simply by decree of marriage.

    • Matt September 15, 2011 Reply

      In the form of a question…What is Virtuosity?

      • WICASA Yatapika September 15, 2011 Reply

        … exacting technical skill or fluency exhibited by a professional or “virtuoso” when performing or exhibiting their stated profession…

  • Maria N. September 15, 2011 Reply

    Remember, “routine is the enemy” regardless of how great the individual exercise….just sayin’….I llike squats, though. I’m so torn!!!

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