January 19, 2012

Thursday Updates

1) January 21, Saturday, 9:45am Beginner/First Timer Introductory Class! Come out and get familiar with CF in an introductory format!

2) January 22, Sunday, 8am Sunday Special.

3) January 23/24, Monday & Tuesday. Benchmark #1: CINDY. As noted earlier, several benchmarks will be offered, then run again later in the year to gauge your improvement and gains. These benchmarks will be short WODs including many of the fundamental exercises. Make a point to get to a class on Monday or Tuesday to complete the benchmark.**Notice the same benchmark is offered every class those 2 days.

4) The Sickness (Scorcher II) sign-up sheets are up (on the whiteboard). Remember, the Scorcher I allowed us to do some unfinished business. Now, some new business…many of you, for sure, will be sending greetings, cards, and gifts to Baby Pags. Let’s send some positive mojo and a welcome through some good ol’ fashioned CF suffering, while reinforcing for her that Kyle’s good deeds in life and warrior spirit are not forgotten. 

What is this “Sickness”, what should I do? It will be a short individual workout before or after class. You MUST sign up on the sheets. Limited time slots available. Remember your day/time. Show up. Suffer. Time slots begin Thursday Jan 26 @ 4:45 and run through that weekend. If the time slots don’t fit your schedule, then re-arrange your schedule (or wait until the Scorcher III). Any questions or comments contact Matt. To review, simple process. Sign up for a 15 minute time slot, remember that time, show up for that time. Are you down with the Sickness?

5) CF Policy: If you can’t arrive on time, then get here early.


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