January 5, 2012

Thursday Updates:

1. They risked it!

2. January 7, 10am, CrossFit Total/Form sessions with Sam: Then for the next 2 weeks, weekdays starting January 3rd she will be available 8:15-9:00am prior to regular 9:30am classes except for Thursdays and 4:15-5:00 pm before 5:30 pm classes.
**These sessions are included in cost for people doing the class that follows or regular drop in rates or punchcard apply for those not doing class.

3. See Sunday Special Schedule through Super Bowl Sunday!

4. January 14, Saturday, 9:45AM, Beginners Only, Corps Fitness Introductory Class.

5. January 14, Saturday, 5pm: CF Workout & Party. Class from 5-6p. Party at 6p. Class entry is free if you bring an adult beverage or party snack. Ring in the new year, hang out for some non-workout related interaction! Come for the workout, or just pop in and say “Hey” after 6pm! (Notice, there will still be an 830am class on Sat. Jan 14th).

6. Who are they and where is that? Hey, we are getting fitter! It’s very cool to review the pics and vids over the years and be able to see the fitness gains! Check out the Murph from the first Hero Week 08.

7. February 10-13. Heroes Among Us Weekend WODs! 4 Days of WODs paying tribute to everyday heroes directly in our midst.

8. February 25, Saturday. Leap Year Party!

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    Wicasa Yatapika January 5, 2012 Reply

    Wow! What a video of that first Murph WOD! I see the Algeo’s, Kaag, DJ, Mere, Jackson, JJ, Mike N…Everyone of them has made tremendous gains since then! Risk it!!

    “We all give more in the presence of others!” _Greg Glassman

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    Jan January 5, 2012 Reply

    No likey that video, but it is a testament to growth, learning & risk-taking!

    This was Corps Fitness before CrossFit form really became the standard for so many of our exercises. I remember doing those squats with Ktri in the corner – but we didn’t know at this time that we should squat below parallel. Kipping pull-ups weren’t even on my radar at that time either. In fact, I remember loving those pull-ups b/c it was like jumping on a trampoline. Not anymore!!!

    Mike’s push-ups have always been stellar!!

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    Melissa January 5, 2012 Reply

    When I first looked at that video, I thought “no way…DJ doing banded pullups?!”….but you are right, Jan, kipping wasn’t even a glimmer in our eyes back then. And, personally…I remember doing that very first Murph with not one but TWO bands together to give me the “umph” to get my chin over the bar. And I occasionally remember Chris’ hand pushing me up occasionally doing pullups too!

    And…since we are getting all nostalgic…all of you with your bad-ass scars on your shins from not quite making the box on the highest box jumps…my scar from box jumps…which was so deep that I didn’t have lots of blood, instead I saw white from all the layers that were just shredded away…yeah, well my bad-ass box jump scar was not from taking a dive on the high boxes…it was on the freaking low boxes that Chris uses as place-finishers for the awards at his tri. Ya’ know…the carpeted ones that are about 6 inches off the ground. Yeah…that’s where my bad ass scar comes from a few years ago. My box jumps are pretty weak right now…we are having issues…but at least they are higher than freaking 6 inches!

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    Mike Nawa January 5, 2012 Reply

    Thanks Jan! It’s been an evolution of form over the years – with MD’s expertise helping all of us achieve those gains. We all have our strengths, but small subtle changes (ie risk-taking) will manifest big gains down the road. Great quote from Glassman, JJ! …CF begs us to come back and give a little more next time.

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    Scott January 5, 2012 Reply

    Is that video super 8? Have to look back to see how far we’ve come.

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    mfg January 7, 2012 Reply

    I remember the “monkey bars” before the bad-ass SmokeHouse moved in! Those were the days. Anybody got pix from the days @ StoneHouse, Grings Mill, Colonial Fitness, Happy Hollow or even BETTER—the 1st few months where CF started—-Wyo Health Club??? Eric Kaag-where you at?
    I look back fondly at the early days of CF and how much it has grown. I remember going to Gring’s and praying the DiCintiio’s, Nawa’s & Beth G would show up–just so there would be enough for a class. The mud, the rain, the sand—aaahhhhh!! LOVE it! This is the BEST family. Who wouldn’t want to surround themselves with highly motivated, dedicated folks????

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      mfg January 7, 2012 Reply

      DiCintio’s…..Sorry about the typo

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