June 9, 2011

Thursday Updates

1) Intro to CROSSFIT Seminar: Saturday June 11, 10am.
Interested in what CrossFit is? Interested in learning the 9 foundational movements (squat, press, lift)? Then this session is for you! Coaches Chris E & Sam will lead you through some explanations, demonstrations, and then an Intro WOD. You will definitely learn the mechanics and intensity that are the core of CrossFit! Be prepared to workout!

2) Which leads to….schedule additions! Starting Monday June 13: OPEN CROSSFIT times added (check schedule).
Open CrossFit times will not be a usual CF “class” format. During these open times, the warm-up, WOD, and any skills work will be posted on the whiteboard, and you complete them on your own. A coach will be on duty to supervise.
Open CrossFit: M, T, W, F 7-9am; R 7-8am
(if you attend, plan and give yourself enough time to complete the WOD by the ending time)

3) R U ABLE? 5k. Mark your calendars for June 19. Spread the word to any and all to support Maggie as RD. Hard copy registration forms at the gym. Or register online at


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