February 6, 2014

Thursday Updates

1. Join your fellow CFers for the “From Corps Fitness With Love” 3-day WOD challenge next weekend, 2/14-2/16.  Three days, three hard-core, motivating and fun workouts!  Check out more here or using the sidebar link.

2. The next CF Free Intro class is this Saturday, 2/8 at 9:45 AM

3. Congratulations to everyone who participated in the weight loss challenge.  Keep it up through valentine’s day: that’s only a little more than one week away!  Easy peasy!

Here are the totals for the 30-day challenge:

Overall F: Emily -13lbs (-8.38% of bodyweight)
Overall M: Zach Mered. -26.8lbs (11.81% of bodyweight)

Overall F %BF: Jeanna -4.7% body fat
Overall M %BF: Jake -4.1% body fat

Gals Total: -96.6lbs (6.43%)
Guys Total: -152.6lbs (8.39%)

That’s total lost in 30 days: 249.2 lbs!  Craziness from you dedicated phreaks!

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/groups/group/cf-fun-size-incentive-group-wt.-loss-chall./#ixzz2sHkrex6D

4. Weekend instructors:
Friday 5:30 PM: Van
Sunday 8 AM: John
Sunday 1 PM: John

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