October 17, 2013

Third Friday This Week!

We have another big weekend coming up!

1. Friday 5:30 class with Matt, including Fall Challenge workout #1, followed by Mike Lawrence speaking and happy hour for our Third Friday event.  All CFers and FitUers, and all are encouraged to attend Third Friday!  Bring a dish to share 🙂

2. Fall Challenge this weekend!  See Monday’s post for more information.  First workout is during FNL class, second is individual time slots Saturday, third is Sunday afternoon.

3. We’re reinstating the Blue Marsh Call 2 Action Challenge!  Some of you have probably participated in years past; this is a great event and such an exciting way to bring that CF teamwork / no excuses mentality out of building 7 and onto the trails at Blue Marsh.  Get a team of 4 together and sign up!  Challenge will be November 10th.  Registration is due by 11/1.  Find out more and download a registration form here.



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