Melissa Hazlett
February 4, 2016

There’s Urgency and Purpose….and then there’s Jack Webb.

In the fitness world, if you were a Zumba-ist, you could relate well to the words “Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Reggaeton, and cucaracha”.  It’s your lingo, and it’s easily connected to the Zumba dance workout and the millions of folks who love this form of fitness.


Indoor cyclists….they know “flat, hill climb, in the saddle, out of the saddle, tap back and clip-in”.  Those terms, and probably many more, identify an indoor cycling class to the huge throng of folks who participate around the country.


CrossFitters have their share of lingo as well….We are proudly a CrossFit affiliate, so many of us already know the words Box, WOD, AMRAP, MetCon.  We use them not only to identify things related to CrossFit, but because it’s the lingo; it’s part of what makes Crossfit, CrossFit.  You can even find guides to CrossFit lingo on the Internet so you can be “in the know”.


Well, what about Corps Fitness?  Think CF has it’s own share of phrases, terms, lingo that is specific and unique just to Corps Fitness?  If you weren’t sure, you could easily check out the “word wall” behind the front desk.  Can’t miss it, really.  But do you need to consult it?


If you are a CFer, a true CFer (right there, that term all by itself is a form of lingo), you know at least some of the Corps Fitness language; language that is just unique to Corps Fitness.  Maybe your CF vocabulary is small right now because you are relatively new….but it will grow.  And the meaning, and the relationship, and the understanding will grow right along with it.


Take Wednesday’s workout.  All about Urgency.  All about Purpose.  And all about Jack Webbs.  Urgency and purpose are words maybe you’ll hear at another fitness class at another gym (doubtful though).  But if you do, it’s not with the same connotation and meaning that Corps Fitness gives to those words.  And what about Jack Webbs?  Bets are that you won’t hear that bit of lingo anywhere else (except maybe Parris Island!).  And then there’s “30 seconds starts now”, “Dying Turtles”, “Van Phams”, “Hill Run”, or “Respect your ability and respect the ability of your teammates”.  Phrases, words, exercises names with a lot of meaning behind them.  Words that identify Corps Fitness.  Our lingo.  Our speak.  Our uniqueness.  There’s only one gym like ours…..and We Are Corps Fitness.


And, one last side note….for those of you cursing Jack Webb’s yesterday, a little history on it’s meaning:


Jack Webb is an actor who starred in and produced a moved called “The D.I.” about a Marine Corps Drill Instructor.  The format of the Jack Webb exercise, being 1 push-up/1 overhead press, and subsequently building up the rep ladder, has Marine Corps Drill Instructor roots, which should not surprise you!  The Jack Webb exercise was brought to the attention of Chris Kaag by Drill Instructor Joe Martin when Martin was stationed at the Kenhorst reserve unit in 2005.  Aren’t we lucky???  Oh, and to get an idea of more “urgency” and “purpose”, check out this clip from “The D.I.”.




Melissa Hazlett

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