April 23, 2011

The whole shebang!

Power: Prone Jingle/Jangle, Side Pushoff, Broad Jump
Combos: JJ2BT, BT w/ Rev Lunge, Crunch/Bridge
Negatives: Chin Ups, Leg Raise, Goblet Squat
Poser: 1/2 PU, Hollow Rock, Hot Seat

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    wicasa Yatapika April 23, 2011 Reply

    Great group today and another classic CF challenging workout! Lots of fun!!

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      mariacintron April 23, 2011 Reply

      Have not seen you in a while 🙁 But compliments of our moderator, I see your transformation. It is amazing!! Much love and respect for your hard work. Keep it up!

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        wicasa Yatapika April 24, 2011 Reply

        Maria, I was just asking about you this morning because I was thinking the same thing, hope you and yours are well and much thanks for the feedback!!

        Hope to catch-up with you at CF soon! Dan said Kermit is training again, when is the fight scheduled for?

        Be Well!

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    Gretch April 23, 2011 Reply

    A little bit of everything tossed into that workout! Good one!

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    Bob F April 25, 2011 Reply

    Is everyone still doing the Wounded Warrior 5K on Sunday?

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