April 10, 2018

The Murph Challenge 2018

Saturday April 21st, join us for some Murph prep! We will be doing a full body warm-up followed by a half Murph as our workout for the 9:15am CrossFit class. This is a perfect chance to see what you can do and give that weighted vest a try or see how many full pull-ups/push-ups/air squats you can do each set. Learn how to break this workout down before you’re in the middle of it!

We are an official Host Site for the Murph on Monday May 28th, Memorial Day! (You do not need to register to join us for the workout. Registration is to log your time officially on the Murph Challenge website.)


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The Murph Challenge 2018

Register today for The Murph Challange on Memorial Day, May 28, 2018!

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    Gretchen Mueller May 28, 2018 Reply

    regrettably got called into work today so unable to do this challenge today but I will definitely do it this week and will be thinking of all it stands for. god bless all our Military. Gretchen M

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