July 17, 2012

Tennis anyone?

Ok…here we go…

Workout A:
Warm up and Cool Down: 800m, 50’inchworm, 40 Doubleunders, 30 Squatcleans, 20 PVC Shoulder dislocates, 10 B&T
WOD: 5 rds…15 Ring Rows, 20 OH Lunge Steps, 15 Pushups

Workout B:
1: KB Thruster, Alt Side Step, Quick step (5 Lying JJ after each)
2: Lying Ball Pikes, Bear crawl, B&T Side Roll (5 Bbuster after each)
3: Burpee Bar Touch, KTE, Jump Pullup (5 JJ after each)
4: Lunge Press, JM Row, 25′ sandbag run/3 squats (5 Mtclimber after each)

Workout C:
Ring Lsit, Russian Swing, Beck’s Burpee, Step Up, Dip, Seated Leg Raise, Ladder/Bearcrawl, AmmoCan PU, MB Alt Toe Tap, Hollow Rock, Side Hurdles
End: Squat Cleans, Bicycle Crunch (3 rds, 10 reps)

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    karen oxholm July 17, 2012 Reply

    Thanks for the workout postings, Matt!

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    Ed July 17, 2012 Reply

    Matt D. how could forget the 2x 60m sprints after each round on Workout C…lol

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    Scott July 17, 2012 Reply

    the open WOD this am was an awesome smoker. Thanks MD

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