March 31, 2012

Takin’ advantage

Outstanding minute transitions…LTF doin’ her work…there’s no escape from this simple fact…f=mxa! Have a power-filled weekend.

Phool Phest Sunday: workouts at 2pm, 3pm, 4pm (minimum expectation: know CF exercises). See you then!

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    Wicasa Yatapika March 31, 2012 Reply

    Awesome classic CF circuit today…truly BadAss!!

    Since I cannot attend tomorrows Phool Phest (I’ll be on a flying machine headed toward Florida) I expect all you Phools to be either dry-heaving, puking, or sh!ttin yourselves tomorrow…nothing less than everything is unacceptable…get some and I want to see carnage on the blog!! Hah!!

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