Corps Fitness Hosts Challenge Funded by Alecia Pagerly

The Kyle Pagerly Call to Action Fitness Challenge for Berks County first responders kicked off this week at Corps Fitness in Wyomissing, PA with a total of 53 participants. The challenge is funded by Alecia Pagerly and has been offered to all Berks County police departments, fire departments, and sheriff’s offices.

The Pagerly Call to Action will run for three months: April 1 through July 1, 2013. Participants will attend a base line orientation session, currently in progress, consisting of a fitness assessment, a Corps Fitness workout, and a timed circuit course designed to replicate job-related challenges.

Pagerly Call to Action participants will be assigned to one of five teams, each with a squad leader. Challenge participants are granted unlimited access to Corps Fitness classes and must attend at least two sessions per week to remain enrolled. Sessions will include any Corps Fitness class, and separate first responder-only sessions will be added to allow incorporation of gear and equipment regularly used on the job.

The idea for the challenge began with conversations between Alecia Pagerly, wife of fallen Berks County sheriff Kyle Pagerly, and Chris Kaag, owner of Corps Fitness and a retired Marine Corps Sergeant. Corps Fitness is the local fitness facility where Kyle pushed his physical and mental limits regularly before his untimely death.

“Kyle felt it was important to be physically fit in order to perform the duties of his job both as a sheriff and as a firefighter,” stated Alecia Pagerly, who wanted to honor Kyle with this challenge.

Law enforcement and firefighting are two careers that the public depends on to protect them from danger. The ability to perform occupational duties while wearing heavy gear and possibly a breathing apparatus is paramount to public safety, and requires a high level of fitness to achieve.

“The overall goal for this challenge is to motivate – motivate our local first responders to change their lifestyles if necessary. Participants will be extremely challenged, and at the same time they will be one step closer to reaching their goals,” explained Chris Kaag.

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