October 26, 2016

Supporting One of Our Own….


This is Ainsley McLain, daughter of Dave and Alexis McLain.  Many of you know Dave from his work on the IM ABLE board or from his regular attendance at 5:30AM classes.  A few weeks ago, Ainsley had her tonsils removed after she indicated she had discomfort in her throat, and it was noticed that one tonsil was abnormally large.  A test on the tonsil revealed that it was a lymphoma…and more specifically, they later diagnosed it as Burkitts Lymphoma.

Thankfully there has been some good news since that initial diagnosis.  First, the doctors indicated that this was a very treatable cancer.  Secondly, it was suspected and then confirmed that the lymphoma was confined just to her tonsil…it was no where else in the body.

However, Ainsley does require chemotherapy which she already began at the start of this week, and she will conclude her first round of treatment next Wednesday.

Next Wednesday, we would like to officially join “Ainsley’s Army” as her Corps Fitness family, and show her that we are in her corner and rooting for her positive outcome all the way!  All workouts next Wednesday, November 2nd will be dedicated and done in support of Ainsley and the whole McLain family.  Additionally, we are doing a pre-order of Ainsley’s Army t-shirts in her favorite color, purple, with gold graphics in support of pediatric cancers.  A look at the t-shirts is below.

We need all pre-orders with sizes by this Friday at 11:00AM so that we can have the t-shirts by next Wednesday’s workouts.

T-shirt pre-orders can be emailed to melissa@corpsfitness.net, or can be done at front desk.  And don’t forget:  you can make it easy by simply asking the front desk staff to charge the cost of the t-shirt to the credit card we have for you on file!  Even if you are not able to make next Wednesday’s workout, you still can purchase a t-shirt.  Cost is $12/shirt, and proceeds of the shirt sales will be used to purchase a meal gift card for the McLain’s.

Let’s do what we do best at CF and rally around and support someone within our Corps Fitness family!

Ainsley's Army tee pic


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