April 15, 2016

Sugar Detox

Most Americans are getting way too much sugar. It shows up in hidden foods you might not realize: pasta sauce, yogurt, salad dressing, “healthy” breakfast cereal…  And sugar is a crazy addictive substance – for a good reason – it provides quick energy and fat storage that our ancient ancestors could use to get away from danger and/or hold on to extra calories in case food became scarce.  Why not create an innate drive to find and consume it?  The problem with modern society is that sugar is now everywhere and food is hardly every truly scarce.  So how do we adapt to modern times?

  • Eat real food (per Michael Pollan: not too much, mostly plants)
  • Eat like your grandparents would have.  No constant access to sweets, treats, snacks.
  • Make your own food, own the ingredients and the process
  • Maybe even start a garden or at least shop at a local farmers’ market
  • Plan your meals – less ingredient waste, more real food, less propensity for snacking when you know what you’re going to have next

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