April 20, 2017

Strict Muscle Ups

An interesting change to the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer seminar between 5 years ago and this year was that the muscle up was now taught as strict (2012 taught kipping).  It makes sense if you think about it – strict, though arguably more difficult, requires more controlled strength, and reinforces the full movement.  No chance of popping up from a kip to the top of a dip.  You have to pull through the full range of motion.

If you’re not there yet, start practicing FULL depth ring dips (think: to the armpit) and FULL height ring pullups.  Once you have those down, work on the transition and you’ll get there.

Here are a few online resources to help with understanding.  The rest is practice, practice, practice!

Progression: false grip, rest of progression

Strict first, kipping later

NOT a muscle up, but still having fun on the rings!
NOT muscle ups, but still having fun on the rings!

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