December 28, 2012

Strange repeat day.

Each Honor Roll rep shows us (in hope that we can possibly understand) the power of a strong will and indomitable spirit in living a fully enriched, self-actualized life. And that was an apt recognition for Sgt. Duncan. Staying positive, moving forward, motivating the CFers around you during the long grind of Strange echoed his message that barriers are simply things we build in our minds. It was an even more prominent reminder with IM ABLE’s presentation of a handcycle to the Magee Rehabilitation Center.

Chris presents a handcycle to Keith Newarla from Magee Rehabilitation Program.
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    Maria N. December 28, 2012 Reply

    That was a long, slow grind. Barf.

    I wouldn’t be heartbroken if that were put on the bottom of the pile for a while:)

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      James December 28, 2012 Reply

      I second that emotion! 🙂

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