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11/20/15 Sean Flannery WOD [Back To Gallery]

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I want to acknowledge all of our CrossFit trainers for making the effort to fill all classes while 2 of our trainers are away traveling this week. We really appreciate...

Now today certainly felt like winter is over. The 08:00 class got plenty of time outside with calisthenics, Indian runs, and tire work.

This first video is happy people wearing shorts and short sleeves excited to be heading outside! Finally!!!!! Second video is everyone doing what they can. You’ll notice people going at...

Corps Fitness CrossFit Berks updated their cover photo.

Tonight our 6:45pm CrossFit class will be doing a memorial WOD for the Humboldt hockey team that was in a horrible bus crash last week. We hope you can come...

Saturday April 21st, join us for some Murph prep! We will be doing a full body warm-up followed by a half Murph as our workout for the 9:15am CrossFit class....



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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly is CORPSFITNESS?

Our class structure is based upon simple yet effective fundamental movement patterns executed at high intensity. These workouts deliver time-tested measurable health and fitness improvements. This technology delivers the most effective broad-based fitness results in the most efficient manner possible. A CORPSFITNESS class relies on group energy, community, and often, teamwork (a CORPSFITNESS class is a “group fitness” experience). CORPSFITNESS classes require a diversity of exercises and athleticism throughout the hour class. See our schedule page for more details on class times and locations.

Q: Why is CORPSFITNESS more expensive than a gym?

Simply put, we are not a gym. We provide a level of service above any other fitness facility in terms of personal attention, challenging work that will produce incredible results and an atmosphere that will keep you coming back for more. If you break it down you’re getting a personal trainer for $12 or less!! You will not get that value anywhere. Period.

Q: Do I need to get in shape before I try this class?

Absolutely not. We have participants of varying levels of fitness. You are pushed and encouraged based on your current level of fitness. All we want is for you to give your best effort on that particular day.

Q: What kind of results can I expect?

New students can expect about a 15-20% improvement in strength and endurance following the first fifteen sessions. In addition our findings show that flexibility, agility and body composition are improved. Subjective things like increased mental toughness, energy levels, improved sleep and reduced joint stiffness are also reported. Most of our students are shocked at their improvements even though they would consider themselves exercisers.

Q: What attire should I wear?

Comfortable workout gear and some running shoes. Cross Training, trail or off road running shoes are most appropriate but any type will do.

Q: What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is an approach to fitness that focuses on functional movements done at high intensity, in a “routine” that constantly varies. Emphasis is placed on Olympic Lifts, Gymnastics (pullups, pushups, situps, etc), and “Cardio” (run, row, etc).

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