August 12, 2015

Stable vs Mobile – joints

Did you ever stop to think about your joints and how they work?  Some are stable and others mobile and some can be either but it’s preferable to control it.  All work together in perfect harmony to get you where you need to be!

“To protect your knee, then, you must maintain good mobility in the other areas, especially those immediately above (hip) and below (ankle). If you lose mobility in the hip or ankle, your knee must compensate for the missing movement. Your knee becomes mobile to make up for the missing mobility above and below, and since the knee isn’t supposed to be mobile, you get pain, and injury, and downtime, and co-pays, and surgery bills. All those hip mobility drills, and the ankle mobility exercises – that’s what you want. Those are the keys to healthy knees.”
-Marks Daily Apple

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And here for joint mobility drills:


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