July 3, 2011

Squad Rush (aside: Waffles!)

Here it is (Tennis Karen, follow along closely)
Dynamic moving warmup
BC/Lunge Drill (3 mins)
Warm Up: 50 JJs, 20 Bbuster, 20 Crossover Toe Touch, 20 Lying JJ, 20 Bicycle Crunch
Circuit: Dips, Step Up Lunge, Tunnel Rows, Mtn Climbers, Quick Step, Hang Run, Alligator Push Up, Pike/Lsit, B&T Slide, Vtwist, Box Drill (Run, Side Hop), Frog Leg Crunch
300m Squad Rush: 10 meters alternate Sprint, BC, Lunge
End in Sand Pit: Low Crawl 20meters
20 Sand Rolls (roll left, roll right = 1)
78 second hand plank

Tomorrow: Monday July 4th, 7AM Special…1st dayat CF to donate $$ to the Kyle Pagerly Fund…let’s get out of bed and make it a big one. (Of course, the bucket will be out all week for $$ donations if you happen to be away for the holiday.)

Incentive: Survive the Smoker sign up…spots are filling fast. Click on the Incentive link and read Pags’ last comment. This is not a pre/post test. This is one and done…can you survive? Nat kindly lent her rower…so we can have 2 people at each time slot now! Whoo hoo…let’s fill it up with some challenge seekers!

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    Karen Oxholm July 3, 2011 Reply

    Terrific workout guys – great effort on everyone’s part, as seen in the pics!! And, I believe I understand what all the exerciese are in the workout – what a surprise, huh?! I’ll have to try it here, although all I have is a sandbox at the playground…may have to move it to the beach, but will need to come up with an alternative to the hang run : ) Miss everyone there….

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