March 25, 2016

Special Workout next Friday 4/1

Roger Caras, photographer and writer, said “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”  If you are a pet owner of any kind, you know that pets are very loved and important members of our families.  Dedicated CFers Tim and Emily McDonough have a pup in serious medical need.  In true Corps Fitness fashion, we’ll rally a workout next Friday, April 1st at all classes to offer Piper and her family a little extra fight.  Along with the workout, if you’d like to help Piper with her fight by helping defray her exorbitant medical costs, there will be a collection bucket in the lobby.  If you choose, you can either offer a flat donation or you will have the option of paying a dollar amount for each Round you accumulate in the workout….your choice.  Workout will be a hybrid format.  To hear more about Piper’s story, take a minute to read below…..Let’s help this sweet girl out and get some next Friday!

“Tim and I rescued Piper in 2014 as a puppy from Home At Last Dog Rescue. From the moment she stepped into our lives, Piper has kept our household on its toes. While we are unsure of Piper’s family origins or prior history, we are certain that she has had an impact on all who have met her. She follows her mom around like a shadow, race tracks around the yard with dad, tugs on her sister Lucy’s neck at every opportunity, and pounces on her brother Clyde like a ninja.
Piper is facing a life-threatening disease which prevents her from living her normal “Pippy” lifestyle. A near-death episode at home caused a prolonged hospital stay which included several blood transfusions, ultrasounds, x-rays, and biopsies. Thankfully, Piper was deemed stable enough after 5 days of intensive veterinary care to continue at-home treatment; this includes weekly vet visits and blood tests, as well as daily medication. Early last week, the internal medicine specialist at Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital diagnosed Piper with an autoimmune disorder (Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia) which causes her body attacks its own red blood cells. Though no known cure for this disease exits, Piper has already shown improvements which have led us to adopt an optimistic outlook on her future.
(Piper on right with her best friend Lucy at her side)


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    Em and Tim March 26, 2016 Reply

    Piper and the entire McDonough clan want to thank their amazing friends at CF for even thinking of putting this together!!!

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