June 3, 2016

So Many Celebrations!

We interrupt your regular blog programming to bring you several shout-outs!

image credit: spaac.net

Congratulations Brian F on achieving his Nursing degree this May
Congratulations to Kylee from the front desk, and Scott H on their HS graduations this month!


image credit: nicholastrother.com

Babies, lots of babies!
Welcome baby Liam, born to CFer Mike L and his wife this May! ¬†(thought you snuck that one by us, didn’t you Mike?)
Welcome baby Mahlon, born to CFers Jordan and Laura H this May
Welcome baby Molly, born to CFers Brian and Megan F this May

If you have upcoming celebrations, we’d love to hear about them! ¬†Send us your photos and we’ll all get to celebrate!



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