June 4, 2014

Sloppy Joes Need Not Apply

Surely you’ve heard the following constantly at CF: head up, chest out, knees behind your toes, back flat, run it out!  All this input is meant to help you get better and improve your form, so use it!  Nobody’s perfect, everyone can work on something.  The trainers are here to help, not to call you out or make you feel bad.

Don’t get sloppy when you get tired.  Nobody wants to see a head bob meant as push-up, an imperceptible wiggle that should have been a K2E, or a bad squat (don’t even get me started on bad squats).  The only person it’s hurting is you (well maybe it hurts the trainer even more, though not physically).  Push past your comfort zone, but not to the point where form is compromised.  It’ll make you stronger, and next time you’ll be able to push a little further!

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