January 5, 2015

Share the CF Spirit: Bring a Friend

From January 7-13, bring as many friends to any class for FREE! (CF member is encouraged to attend class with their friend(s) – yes you may bring multiple friends to one class – and how friendly would it be for you to say “here it is, good luck!”?  Think back to how you felt walking through the Bldg 7 doors on your first day, and make sure to be as welcoming as the rest of the CFers were to you when you started!)

We all have friends who call us crazy (is that a fancy word for motivated?) for doing what they think we do at CF, but do they even know what we do?  Bring them in, show them the ropes.  Because the CF family is always happy to welcome new members who uphold the CF values and traditions:
– being a part of something bigger than yourself
– sacrificing yourself for the greater good of those around you
– suffering together


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