August 5, 2014

Schedule Updates

We briefly interrupt this blog to announce the following schedule updates:

The summer is a crazy time for CFers, and the month of August is especially disrupted with vacations and settling back into the school schedule.  For this reason, we’re making the following schedule changes, with the intent of moving back to the “normal” schedule in September.

  • Monday and Friday 9:30 AM Basic class is cancelled.  Participants are encouraged to join the other regularly scheduled 9:30 AM class, which is open to all abilities.
  • Sunday 1 PM class is cancelled for the remainder of August.  Sunday 8 AM class will remain unchanged.
  • Saturday August 23rd FREE intro class is rescheduled for August 30th at 9:45 AM.

We appreciate your cooperation, and please stay tuned to the blog for additional updates.

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