March 19, 2016

Saturday Listenin’

Here’s a good listen from Eat to Perform for your Saturday enjoyment…  a little rant about form, pushing yourself, and criticism in the beginning (with a good message), and then some discussion on fueling your body for your individual needs.

Some take-aways:
– Sometimes it’s f*#&ing hard to walk through the gym doors, especially for those without a life-long athletic background.
– Don’t make it harder by bashing people for trying, even if they don’t have the best form to start. (Not saying anyone does.  But, like Paul says, it’s easy to find online in open CrossFit forums, etc.  Haters gonna hate…)
– Encourage and help rather than criticize! (CFers are pretty great at this!)
– Welcome new people and help them fit in!- Sometimes the first rep (or few reps) at a higher weight might be ugly, but it’s the first step to get you past that weight you’re stuck on right now!  (personal note: this isn’t a carte blanch to use bad form, but rather a little wiggle room to push yourself every day and test those boundaries.  You never know when you might make that next jump!)
– Fueling depends on your needs, what your activity level is, what your goals are.
– Time changes can affect your weight and stress on your body.  Listen and adapt!
– Naps are magical (if you can get them)


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