February 25, 2012

Saturday 4 Corners

2 exercises each pod for 45 seconds and then 90 seconds 5/5 FAST. #1) Ball Slams & Burpess then 5 Bicep 5 Push Press. #2) 25′ Sandbag run 3 squats & Weighted Good Mornings then 5 MB Toe Taps 5 MB Step Ups. #3) Quick Bag Jabs & Hand Walk then 5 KB Swings 5 Pushups. #4) Plyo Ball Bicycle Crunch & Get Ups then 5 MB Combo Crunch 5 V Twist. Great job everyone…minimal runs today!!!

Arrow Reunion Class-For those who recognize some of these faces, did a reunion class Friday to see if they still remembered how to do Bends & Thrusts! Coldest & wettest day of the week and everyone looked good and great to see everyone again


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