February 8, 2015

Rowing Challenge Week 2

WEEK 2: 

Row 400 meters, 1 minute rest, Row 1200 meters

You will row 400 meters for time, then rest for 1 minute. Once the minute is up, you will row 1200 meters for an overall total of 1600 meters.

You may start with the flywheel spinning during the 1 minute rest period, also known as a “Rolling Start” (For example you can start rowing with 5 seconds left in your rest so that the flywheel is moving at full speed when the next round starts)
2A – 400m time
2B – 400m Time + 1200m Time
To set up Moniter:
1. “Select Workout”
2.”New Workout”
3. “Intervals Variable”
4. Interval 1 – 400 Meter
5. Move cursor to time
6. Select 1:00 as rest period
7. Bottom right hit checkmark
8. Select Interval 2
9. Change distance to 1200
10. Bottom right hit checkmark again
11. Select “No More Intervals”
12. ROW!

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