January 7, 2015

Row, Row, Row…

Now that we have a few more rowing machines at CF, we have been instructing class participants on how to use them with correct form.  If you have not yet received this instruction and are asked to use the rower during a class, please ask for instruction!!  As with anything at Corps Fitness, we want everyone to use correct form and prevent injury while you are working out.

Concept 2, the brand of our rowers, has several instructional videos and workout ideas on their website (use this link).  Check out a few pages and bring your questions to a CF instructor.  If you have time before or after a class, ask for additional instruction and try out what you’ve learned.  The rowers are excellent pieces of equipment and offer a full body exercise at the intensity level you choose.  Educate yourself and ask questions to get the most out of your experience, and to make it a positive one!


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