April 30, 2011

Rest on suicides…

Nonstop 30-30-30
A) Wtd Situp, KB crunch, Lsit; DB Swing, Neg Chinup, Jump PU
B) AC Squat, Air Squat Jump, Xover Lunge; Side Raise, Hearts, Iron Cross
C) Quick Step, MB Suicide, Jinglejangle; Thrusts, Burpees, B&T Tuck Jump
(suicides to rest after each board….?)

See last performed on 10/15/10.

Always good to see ML! Lookin’ good, brother!

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    Jan April 30, 2011 Reply

    That class was like a steam train comin’ full throttle down the tracks, except I felt like the little engine that could, muttering, “I think I can. I think I can.”

    My sincerest apologies for lashing out during the pit drill. Uncalled for. I actually love pit drills, so the extra time was lovely!

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    James April 30, 2011 Reply

    Kudos for getting a picture of Capt. Awesome in motion. 🙂

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    Wicasa Yatapika April 30, 2011 Reply

    That’s one of those rare occasions when you exceed your maximum heart-rate for an extended period of time and live to tell about it…that does not happen often so those that survived have something to tell the grandkids…HAH…:)

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    Scott April 30, 2011 Reply

    Wish I felt as good as ML looks!

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    Mike L May 1, 2011 Reply

    Awesome workout! You guys and gals always inspire me and encourage me to get back in there. Suicides for rest? Ingenious.

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