May 22, 2017

Responding to the Call

CFers always respond to the call.  We rise up, we dig in, and we contribute to great causes.

Later this summer, Rob and Kim Rauenzahn and their kids will be traveling to a small village near Magambua in Tanzania, Africa.  Their purpose?  Kim will be working with another local doctor on a medical mission trip for the people of this area.

CF would like to support this noble cause by taking a collection of much-needed medical supplies that Dr. Kim and Dr. Jonathan can take with them to treat their patients

What is needed:
– Extra strength Tylenol
– Children’s Tylenol
– Advil and/or Motrin for adults
– Advil and/or Motrin for children
– Antibiotic ointment (such as Neosporin)
– Gauze of all types to dress wounds (many of which are caused by burns from open-fire cooking)
– Medical cling wrap (Telfa Ouches Non-Adherent Dressing)

We will being collecting donations May 22nd and finish with a special tribute workout on Saturday, June 3!


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