September 12, 2015


Newbies beware: Did you know that there’s a penalty for being late to a CF class?  You should be arriving 10-15 minutes early!!  Think about it – you have absolutely no idea what you’re walking into, what the exercises or format will be, not even where to take a pre-class pee if you need to!  Come on.  Be respectful and accountable to your fellow CFers and instructors.  Respect those around you by arriving early for class.  Do your research: it’s all there on the Corps Fitness page under “What is CF / First Timers“.

Your first time at CORPS FITNESS:

  1. Arrive early. Plan to be there 15 minutes prior to class starting. Please respect the group that was there on time by not showing up late. The instructor reserves the right to not permit you to participate if you miss important demonstrations that would jeopardize safety.
  2. Wear comfortable exercise apparel and footwear appropriate for running, jumping, and other dynamic movements.
  3. Bring water.
  4. Say “Hi” to the other participants. Don’t be surprised when veteran CORPS FITNESS members introduce themselves!
  5. Follow along with the group, listen to instructions, watch what experienced CORPS FITNESS members are doing.
  6. Work hard and have fun!