July 8, 2011

Phreaks on Phire!

Scorcher strikes again…AM folks take a turn burnin’ it up!

Thanks Brett & MH for opening the flood gates for the slow-to-warm-up AM group. After watching those 2 scorch it, some others got the motivation to sign-up and take care of this “Unfinished Business.” Remember folks, don’t be shy…STEP UP, SIGN UP and GET IT DONE! There are still some time slots left for next week…and if you didn’t get a slot for one of those free classes, sorry, we can’t accomodate everyone’s personal schedules…be sure in the future to sign up early.

We have some times in the 11s now! And like Corina, each Press is finished fully (not in front, not elbows bent)…she finishes off every rep! Rock on!

Hankerin’ for a circuit?
Ring Dips, MB Slides, Curl/Press, MB Twist, DB Swing, Side Hurdle, T Rotation/Pushup, Flutter Kick, B&T Hurdle, Dynamic V
End: Team Karen…go light, go fast;┬árefine that front squat (virtuosity)! (2 people = 150 Wall Ball)

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    Wicasa Yatapika July 8, 2011 Reply

    Phreaks on Phire….Love it MD….Awesome job Phreaks…that is a scorcher, oh yeah!!!! That is an early hour of the day to tackle that beast…..Kudos.!

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