April 11, 2014

PFT Update!

Sunday we’ll be performing a Marine Corps PFT in conjunction with the regularly-scheduled 8 AM and 1 PM classes.  The format will be:

  • Class begins at regular time (8 AM and 1 PM)
  • First 15 or so minutes will be a CF-style warm-up to get everyone loosened up and ready to go
  • Then we’ll transition into the PFT: pull-ups, sit-ups and run

The PFT consists of the following.  Rules / details on each exercise may be found here:

  • Pull-ups: Not timed.  As many as you can do without dropping from the bar or touching your feet to the ground.  Change grips as necessary.  If you want to be strict about ranking your score, you should do dead-hang pull-ups.  We’ll allow kips and you can still compare, more of an FYI.  Ladies may do bar hang.
  • Crunches (sit-ups): Timed, as many as you can do in 2 minutes
  • Run: Timed 3-mile run

After the PFT, we’ll toss in another quick WOD as time allows.

Ok, now what’s on your mind?  Post additional questions to the comments below…

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    gretch April 11, 2014 Reply

    The PFT pull-ups will count towards your 13 April Challenge pull-ups that day (if you want them to)!

  • Avatar
    Aimee April 11, 2014 Reply

    Can we use iPods during the run?

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    hoov April 13, 2014 Reply

    Ok Thurs am I comment to one of my co-workers. Gee I am up for some tire Phlippin today. Reply was "that is too extreme for me"

    Anyway this phool got his wish and some.

    Overheard at CF.

    Edgar Friendly was phlippin phlap jacks while we were phlippin tires.
    New menu line up called 4 corners, phinish with an Xtreme desert.

    Yum, may I have another 🙂

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