February 8, 2017

Opinions are like…

…you know the rest.  And sometimes no opinion needed to realize someone is an a$$hole…  Heaven forbid a woman show a normal body with some imperfections on national television without someone commenting on her looks.  I *wasn’t* an avid fan of Lady Gaga before her performance at the Super Bowl, but I thought she was amazing!  I mean, honestly – drones, leaping off a f*$#!ing stadium roof??  Singing, dancing, and entertaining with endless energy!!  Unfortunately the minute I noticed her tiny tummy I thought “I bet that’s all we’ll hear about on tomorrow’s social media” – nothing about her incredible performance, voice, entertainment, or powerful message (all post serious hip surgery and proclaimed eating disorder, mind you).  Nope, just “Ew.  Look at her belly.” – SERIOUSLY?!?  Get over it.  The only reason I’m posting this link is because of all the AWESOME people who stepped up and told those jackwagons to shut their mouths!


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